All The Things BeautyCounter LEAD 2022

I apologize for the delay in posting this, but here is all the things BeautyCounter LEAD 2022!

In September, I chose to take the leap and attend my first ever leadership conference and my first BeautyCounter event in Austin, Texas. I have been a consultant for almost a year. You can read my story here. It was my first trip solo since becoming a mom. It was hard to not feel guilty for doing something for myself, but in the end I am beyond glad that I did it.

First, the in person connections. I have connected with so many incredible woman via social media and I got to meet a handful of them at LEAD. It was amazing to chat in person and create the beginning of some amazing friendships. My mentor and I got divorced at the same time from basically the same person so it was great to give her the biggest hug and cheers to all that we have personally accomplished and healing from such a traumatic situation.

Second, the breakout education sessions taught be fellow consultants. I love all the information that I received not only about my BeautyCounter business, but about being a female entrepreneur. I loved hearing the personal stories of others and how they balance everything. It was truly inspiring! Plus, I met some new friends. Yay for being social!

Third, the pop-up shop. Every BeautyCounter product was beautifully displayed including the new holiday gift boxes. I bought way too much stuff that I thought I was going to have an issue not checking my bag, but thankfully we were okay!

Finally, the guest speakers. Greg Renfrew, the founder of BeautyCounter. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. Christy Coleman, make up artist extraordinaire. And last, but certainly not least, Brendon Burchard. The most insane lineup of speakers that left me feeling like I could truly do all the things. Greg inspired me to keep working hard for a great purpose. Sara reminded me to leave work at the door and that I can be an amazing boss lady and an amazing mom too. Christy taught me things about makeup that I had never learned before (I have done my make up the same for 10 years LOL!). Brendon gave me permission to let go of past trauma and negative feelings. If I am still thinking and talking about it, then I am not truly moving on and healing. I am holding myself back from greater potential and growth.

As long as I am a consultant, this will be an annual trip for me! So much goodness squeezed in to 2 1/2 days. Next time, I would love friends and business partners to come with me. Comment below or reach out on Instagram if you want more information about having some extra money and being a voice of change.

xo, kaylee

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