BeautyCounter Consultant

Recently, I took the leap and became a part of the BeautyCounter consultant team. Yes, I am still coding from home, still going to grad school full time, and obviously still a single mom. But honestly after several years os using these products, I knew I wanted to share my results with others and help others!

I started using BeautyCounter when I was pregnant with Beckham, because I wanted safer products for me and him! I was very cautious about what I was putting into my body and also thought it was time to invest in myself & my skin since for years I struggled with horrible acne, scarring, and excessive oil production. Having bad skin took its toll on me. It wasn’t until I started to notice a change in my skin with BeautyCounter that I finally felt confident again!

I am all about making yourself the highest priority. Self care is a key to living a happy life and it starts with putting your best skin forward. I know this can be vulnerable and uncomfortable, but let me help you get started with BeautyCounter so you can live life without makeup! Send me an email or comment below and let’s chat!

xo, kaylee

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