Bye Bye Medical Coding

Today, I say bye bye to medical coding from home. It’s crazy to look back over the last 3 years of this journey. Starting to study when I was pregnant and a few months after with a sleepy newborn on my chest. The night I took my test was the first time Beckham ever took a bottle. I passed my test and got my first job a month later.

Since then, I have worked from home coding in a few different departments. I have gained a ton of experience and coded for multiple departments. I am the APPC local chapter president for 2023.

Beckham and I’s schedule and day to day living will be changing. Not as much flexibility and less time to do things together. I’m excited for the new career role, but also so nervous with Beckham. It’s the end of an era that involved some of the hardest years of my life. Now into a new era. The true mom boss era.

I have had many questions about medical coding so I will talk about that here too. Please reach out if you have any other questions.

What is a medical coder?

We are the middle person between anything you do in healthcare (labs, office appointments, surgery, imaging, treatment, etc.) and your insurance. We input the codes so insurance can determine medical necessity and payment for services.

How do you become a medical coder?

You can become a medical coder two ways. You can become certified through AHIMA and AAPC. Once certified with the foundation certification, you can add specialties or become an auditor.

Schedule and Work Hours

Many coders work from home and for locations outside of their hometown. I personally worked for a local hospital and only had to go in once a month for staff meetings. My schedule was completely flexible. I worked 40 hours Monday – Friday however I wanted. I started my days at 5am and worked until 1-2pm. Then I had all afternoon to do whatever I needed and had time with Beckham.

xo, kaylee

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