All Things Mom Guilt

Let’s chat about mom guilt. That g word that everyone experiences, but doesn’t always love to talk about. Today, I was going to share a fun BTS of a workout and my favorite smoothie recipe lately, but this seems more fitting.

As a mom, we all know guilt comes with the role. The reason for the guilt changes as our kids grow, but it never fully goes away. Personally, I have constant guilt about working from home and not being able to just play & do fun things all day, everyday with Beckham. I have guilt that Beckham isn’t sleeping through the night consistently and that I must be doing something wrong. The judgement and comments aren’t ever helpful from people around me on the matter either.

I snapped this picture earlier this morning. B woke up at 5am and had just finished throwing a tantrum that he wanted to “cook” his breakfast sausage that was already cooked.

For all my mama friends out there, just remember you are not alone. You are doing the best you can. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for choices you are making as a parent or women.

xo, kaylee

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