Beckham’s Lightning McQueen Two Fast Birthday

I can’t believe my baby is two years old already! We celebrated a little early since his birthday is during the week. It was a bit emotional for this mama considering I celebrated his birthday and Mothers Day all in the same weekend. I love a themed party and am totally guilty of going overboard. I decided to put together a post detailing all the amazing places I used to put together his party. Below is all the details of Beckham’s Lightning McQueen Two Fast Birthday.

The cake and cookies were done by the fabulous Julie Brizzee. She is local to Idaho Falls, Idaho and the sweetest lady to work with. She has tons of options for cake, filling and icing. The cookies were delicious too!

The balloon arch was done by Morgan at the The Knotty Balloon. Super small world, but when she came to set up the balloons, we realized we danced together in high school. The absolute funnest girl to work with and she does an incredible job!! Highly recommend her for an extra fun decor pop at all your events. We also added this Two Fast banner to the balloon arch that was such a fun addition.

Extra decor included this cute Pit Stop sign, a Speed Limit 2 sign (no pictured), and these block numbers decorated to match the theme. These were all from different Etsy shops that were great to order from and shipped super fast after ordering.

Yes, I am the mom that ordered us matching shirts. I am determined to make Beckham match with me for as long as possible. Well, basically until he is old enough to pick out his own clothes.

We were surrounded by so many family and friends on this day. It was a memory filled with so many emotions, but mostly effortless happiness and a lot of joy.

xo, kaylee

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