Bridgerton Bridal Shower

This past weekend we celebrated my dear friend. She thought she was just coming to a themed lunch date with the girls. Instead we surprised her with a Bridgerton bridal shower.


We had a mix of fresh flowers and fake flowers. This welcome sign, Kohl made and I put the flowers together. We added in garlands and extra branches of wisteria. Our friends house that we used has so much character and tons of plants, which was the perfect setting since we had to move the event inside due to lovely Idaho winds. We added in the rose gold balloons spelling out “Diamond of the Season.” I created our own Lady Whistledown with a story unique to the bride and groom, a love quote from none other than Antony Bridgerton, and a collage of their engagement photos.


We kept the food super simple and mostly finger foods. Lots of fresh fruit, a charcuterie board, veggie tray, finger sandwiches, macaroons, and these delicious cake tops made by a local small business. If you are in Idaho Falls, check out Cakes n Bakes by Lana Rae. She is incredible! I also got all these cute trays to display food and the floral plates and napkins off Amazon.


I got this game called Call Out from Amazon that was Bridgerton themed. It asks you questions like “Who would write a scandalous gossip column?” “Who would be the diamond of the season?” and you vote who would be that person. Then whoever collects the most cards wins a prize. We also got some badminton racquets from the DI and played around in the backyard.

It was a beautiful day celebrating an incredible human. The Bridgerton theme was so fun and perfect for a bridal shower. It could easily be used for a brunch or lunch setting. Next up, bachelorette party in Vegas!

shop all the items I used for the party on my Amazon here

xo, kaylee

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