Changed My Name, Again

It’s an exciting day! I officially changed my name back to my maiden name, Kaylee Fennern. I had a lot of hesitancies towards this so I thought I would do a full post on here to explain why I decided to change my name…again.

Many of you know that I got divorced in 2021. I also have a kid with the last name Melanese. That was my main reason for keeping my last name so that it would match my child’s. However, I came to the realization that I am the one who takes Beckham to all his appointments. Those who need to know, know that I am his mom. I can also introduce myself without saying my last name. Also, I was told if I change my name, then my divorce decree would no longer be valid. That was untrue and was the last point of matter for the change.

Another factor in this decision was with my professional career. My ex-husband and I unfortunately work for the same hospital. Thankfully, I work from home so it isn’t an issue. However, I have had a few interviews with people who know my ex and it has come up in the interview. Yes, albeit unprofessional, but I still don’t want to be tied to him in any more ways than completely necessary.

I also love the idea of graduating with my masters degree under my maiden name. Mostly, it just really bothered me to still have Melanese as a last name even though that traumatic chapter of my life was over. I know that may seem silly, but it bothers me so I fixed it.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process and everything I needed. It has been a process to say the least so I am happy to help any way that I can.

xo, kaylee

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