Easy Ideas for Self Care When You Are Busier Than Ever

Easy Ideas for Self Care When You Are Busier Than Ever

I have always been busy juggling all the things, but have prioritized self care. Throughout My Fitness Journey (click to read the full story) I learned many different ways to show myself some extra attention. After becoming a mom, this has been incredibly difficult. Not only am I busier than ever, but as a mom, taking care of yourself drops to the bottom of the totem pole. Taking a shower becomes the best self care you can do in a week (which is great!). I have had to be creative with what “me” time looks like now. It may only happen once a week or once every other week, but I make it happen. Also, I want to remind you that it’s okay to ask for help. When you need a break, lean on your support system. Although challenging, we do need to fill up our tank before we have anything to give to others. Here are my easy ideas for self care, when you are busier than ever:

~ Wake up an hour early

This may seem a little crazy to some who aren’t early risers, but I promise this is helpful. Waking up to a quiet house to enjoy your coffee and get a jump start on the day will help relieve some stress. Also, it allows you to start the day a bit slower instead of jumping right out of bed and going, going, going, until your head hits the pillow again at night.

~ Exercise

I love working out in the morning. So, along with enjoying my morning coffee, I get my body moving. I know that if I don’t do it first thing, it’s not going to happen throughout the day. Nap time hustle is an every day thing for me. Since I work full-time from home, that time is usually devoted to working mom duties. Another option is taking a family walk. While it won’t be alone self-care, fresh air always helps and will still boost your mood. Plus, exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!

~ Hydrate

You may be a busy boss babe, mom, wife, whatever your many roles are in a day, but you always have time to drink water. Staying hydrated has so many benefits, and if you are running around and not eating the greatest, at least keeping up on your water intake will help balance things out a bit.

~ Journal

I started journaling in college and still do to this day. I use it as a release when I am holding on to things I need to let go or need to figuring things out. Of course, I write down all the positive things too, but sometimes it works as my own personal sounding board. Take 10 minutes in the morning, during nap time or when the house is asleep at night before bed. Putting pen to paper can be extremely helpful.

~ Reading

I love reading books, but it could be a magazine article or reading captions on Instagram. Whatever you want to read, if this is something you enjoy, go for it! My Top 5 Book Recs are here if you need an idea on what to read next.

~ At Home Day Spa

While you are taking that amazing shower, why not add a hair mask or face mask?! Take a bubble bath, while sipping a delicious beverage. To make this happen, lean on your support system or schedule it with yourself after the house has gone to sleep.

~ Mommy Minute

I have started to do this since I became a mom. I could see that I was making myself less and less of a priority. It may not be as much time as I would like, but even a little bit of time helps. This could be singing one of my favorite songs in the car, treating myself to a Starbucks drink, or sitting and doing absolutely nothing during nap time. Whatever it is you need, figure out a time in the day or week, and make it happen. You will be a much better mom, partner, spouse and friend because of it.

How do you prioritize your self-care?

xo, kaylee

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