I Got the Big Girl Job Promotion

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I got the big girl job promotion. That’s right, this mama is the new supervisor for Community Care clinic in my hometown. It is so exciting to have the job that I am getting my degree in.

I have applied to so many jobs in the past year. Trying to put myself out there and create opportunities for myself. I have had countless interviews. All of them would end with the feedback saying “we decided to go with someone who had more management experience”. In healthcare, there is no such position as an assistant manager. However, if there was one, this job is the closest thing to it.

I actually applied and interviewed for a different position with my current organization. During that interview, they asked me about my future career goals. I was honest and completely transparent about the ambitious goals I have and the career answers I am stilling trying to answer. After that interview, the administrators I interviewed with called the director of clinical services and recommended me for a job working with him. The next day he called and offered me the job if I wanted it. After some other formalities, here we are!

I will be working with the office manager to learn everything there is to know about running an office and being a leader/ manager. My responsibilities will be more focused on the day to day operations. I will be part of the bigger picture decisions, but won’t be in charge of them until the next step job. There is a huge learning curve, but I have never shied away from a challenge.

Besides completing my masters degree in just a few more months, this is something that I am so proud of myself for. Cheers to the next chapter in my career.

xo, kaylee

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