Mama & Mini Total Body Circuit

Finally sharing a mama & mini total body circuit workout. Getting back into working out consistently has definitely been a challenge postpartum. I swear building muscle is way harder and portion control is tough when you spend all your energy chasing around a little boy. One exciting change is my arms are the strongest they have ever been and I am using the heaviest weights ever. Strong as a mother has a whole new meaning. I am making positive strides forward, but I will be the first person to say it’s freaking TOUGH!!!

Here is a reminder to do what you can. Don’t beat yourself up over what you didn’t do. Instead flip your perspective and focus on what you did accomplish. Celebrate all your victories, no matter the size. One day at a time, one workout at a time. Remember, nutrition counts more than your workout. Love your body and love yourself.

I made an easy reference list at the bottom and there is also a video on my Instagram. Save this workout for later and let me know how it goes with your littles. For reference, Beckham weighs about 25 lbs. Do this entire circuit 3x through.


Squats x 20

Alternate Back Lunges x 15 each side + occasional dance break

Bicep Curls with a Baby Kiss x 20

Squat with a Press x 20

In & Out Crunches x 20

Rock the Boat x 20

xo, kaylee

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