My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care

Self care, the best thing we can do to take care of ourselves, yet it is the first thing to slip away when things get tough or super busy. For a long time, I was told and believed that self care was selfish. Oh how horribly wrong that was. Self care makes us a better human. It gives us more energy so we have more to give to others. As a mom, especially, self care is what helps keep me going and revives me on the long, hard, exhausting days. Today, I thought I would share my favorite ways to practice self care.

1. Coffee and reading

Call me crazy, but I love waking up an hour earlier then the rest of the house to have a moment of peace and quiet. I am naturally a morning person so waking up with the sun brings me a lot of joy. Lately, I have been soaking up the fresh air of morning and taking my coffee and latest book outside. The change has been so nice.

2. Exercise

Any form of exercise is key. Just move your body 30 minutes a day and you will feel better. Take a walk with your furry friends and/or family. I have been playing a ton of golf and although we don’t walk the 9 holes, I love the mental toughness of it. I also will randomly go for a 2 mile run and it always feels amazing after. I will be honest and say finding consistency in working out after having a baby (over 2 years ago) has been really difficult, but I am giving myself some grace and am trying.

3. Girls Night Out

Every girl needs a girls night out. It is always a good idea. More then likely, you girlfriends need the self care too

4. Spa Day

Arrange some child care if you need it and book a spa day. Massage, mani, pedi, facial, whatever you want. Book it!! You absolutely deserve and don’t think twice about it

What is your favorite type(s) of self care?

xo, kaylee

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