My New Adventure With Adult Braces

Today, I am sharing all the details about my new adventure with adult braces.

Well, I did it. I got braces. I have been debating on doing this for a few years. This year, I decided to increase the amount I was putting away for medical expenses and get it done. As I write this, it has been about 10 days since I got my new hardware. Some food is still challenging to eat, but not as bad as it was. I will say it’s easy to avoid chips and dip, because it hurts to chew chips. But that also makes me sad for all the delicious munchies at upcoming summer activities.

I have always been pretty self-conscious of my teeth, and as I get older, it only gets worse. When I was 10 years old for 3 years. I did have permanent retainers, but they never stayed on and I didn’t wear the removable ones at night. A handful of people I know are getting braces as adults. I was inspired by the “if they can do it so can I” analogy. I got a recommendation from a friend and went for a consult with Hillam Orthodontics in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The overall prognosis is that I have some increasingly serious issues with my bite. If I didn’t fix the issues now, I would have to fix them eventually and it would take longer. Also, the issues are causing my teeth to line up incorrectly and pushing teeth forward and causing more damage. If I waited, their is the possibility of not fixing the issues and causing irreversible damage.

For the next year, I will this lovely metal mouth and some serious bands to go with it all. I should have my braces off by May 2023, but we will see.

xo, kaylee

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