My Top 10 Baby Must Haves

When I first found out I was pregnant, I researched everything I did and didn’t need for my new addition. I am a quality over quantity person. I decided to splurge on a few items, because I knew the use that they would get (stroller and carseat). Here are my top 10 baby must haves.

  1. Sound Machine: Everything I read started with talking about a sound machine and the benefits of it. This is the one I have and it works great! Some people also use a Shusher and it seems to have the same effect.
  2. Nuna Pipa Carseat and Tavo Stroller: I did the most research for a carseat and stroller. I wanted something safe. I didn’t mind the hefty price tag, because we would use it practically everyday. Plus, the Nuna Pipa carseat is the lightest on the market. This was super appealing to me and also had great safety ratings. The Nana Tavo stroller is pretty light as well, and is super easy to take down and set up. I have it in the aspen color.
  3. Disney Jumper: There are so many different jumpers out there and they all serve the same purpose. I love this one the most, because of all the colors and fun sounds. It also has all the different levels of toys to teach babies to reach out. I swear Beckham learned this skill so early, because of this jumper.
  4. Como Tomo Bottles: I have tried so many different bottles and these were the only ones Beckham would latch on to. He didn’t take a bottle until he was 6 months old. So, I was super excited he liked these so much. I also love how easy there are for babies to hold. The soft rounded sides of the bottle make it easy for baby to hold.
  5. Bumbo: Life changing!! Early on, the Bumbo helps babies to learn to sit up. I set the it on the counter so Beckham can be my little helper without holding him the entire time. They kind of suction cup to a surface so I have never nervous about them moving and causing an accident.
  6. Cloud Island Pjs: In my opinion, one of the best newborn & under 1 year old baby brands. Plus, it’s at Target and everyone loves having an excuse to go there. When Beckham was a newborn, he lived in onesies like this. I loved the built in mittens, because he couldn’t wiggle them off his hand.
  7. Baby Nail File: One of my favorite purchases to date is this baby nail file from Amazon. You change the file based on the babies age. It makes super quick work to trim their little daggers and doesn’t hurt them when it touches their skin.
  8. Banana Brush: Our pediatrician recommended this once Beckham was teething (lucky for me this was at 4 months). It is great to clean babies teeth and a great teething toy. Plus, the sides are easy to hold on too by themselves.
  9. Milkbarn Baby Blanket: This was the first item I bought after I found out I was pregnant. Even though I didn’t know the gender yet, I didn’t care because of how soft this blanket was. Beckham is almost a year old and this blanket still looks brand new. Milkbarn has tons of super cute baby blanket options for both genders and even gender neutral!
  10. Diaper Caddy: I actually didn’t think this would be that helpful, but actually it’s really nice to have. A common place to have extra diapers, wipes, baby powder, desitin, binkies, whatever you may need to change your baby. Sometimes your away from the nursery and need to change a diaper so this is super easy & convenient to have around.

I will do an updated baby post soon with all of Beckham’s favorites. Until then, check out my Instagram for daily updates and my LiketoKnowit for what I am buying right now.

xo, kaylee

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