Tips on How To Create a Bathroom Oasis

I have always loved the idea of creating a spa-like feel in my bathroom. Now, more than ever, I need that space to be relaxing and blissful. I try to envision how I feel when I go to my favorite spa and recreate as many details as possible into my own place. This is my tips on how to create a bathroom oasis.


This is one of, if not, the most important part. No one likes scratchy towels. Of course, I love white towels or light blue. Not just how they feel, but how you fold them makes a differences and sets the whole vibe. I roll my towels then stack them so they are on display instead of stashed away in a cabinet. Linen robes are great, because they are comfortable and lightweight. Plus, you don’t have to stand naked while you are putting lotion on, drying your hair or waiting a few minutes to get dressed.

Scents & Sounds

Candles, fresh spray or oil diffuser are all great options to have a nice smell in your bathroom. Hotel Lobby Candles by Lindsay Silberman smell amazing and immediately help me relax. There are a few options that can help transport you to wherever you want to go during your time of R&R. Another option to create the ambiance of a spa is the sound. If you have a sound machine, you can move it into your bathroom or simply find a relaxing playlist on Spotify. Do yourself a favor and lock the door. I understand first hand how tiny friends (either human or furry) can come be a distraction when you just need a minute.


One of my favorite parts of creating bathroom oasis is using a face mask. I have really tried to step up my skincare game in the last year and this is an easy addition. My absolutely favorite are Summer Fridays. They have 3 different options that smell so dreamy and have amazing benefits. Plus, Summer Fridays has other great products and I love using all of them. Lux Unfiltered has great body cream, body polish and self-tanning cream. Trust me, everything smells amazing! The self-tanner looks completely natural and doesn’t make your skin look orange, even on my super pale skin.


While you are having this amazing spa-like moment and waiting for your face mask to set in, might as well add on a hair mask. Briogeo has the best deep conditioning mask. I try to use it atleast once a week along with Olaplex shampoo and conditioner.

How do you create your bathroom oasis?

xo, kaylee

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