Tonsil & Adenoids Surgery

Now that I feel like we are finally recovered, I wanted to give a full update and all the details about Beckham’s tonsil & adenoid surgery.

Why did we do surgery?

It has been about 2 weeks since he had surgery. In January, we went into an ear, nose, and throat specialist to evaluate Beckham. I swear he has had a constant runny nose since September and has had croup 9 times in the last year. I knew it wasn’t caused by allergies, because giving him medication wouldn’t do anything. Truly the only thing that helped was giving him Benadryl to dry out his nose. The specialist put him on 6 weeks, twice a day antibiotics after getting an x-ray of his adenoids and determining they were completely full of puss and mucus. I felt so bad for Beckham, but ultimately I knew we were finally going to have some resolution. Fast forward those 6 weeks, no change happened with his runny nose. We did a follow up x-ray confirming no change and his surgery was scheduled.

Surgery Day

The surgery itself was very straightforward. Lots of kids get their tonsils and adenoids out. I was so nervous of how he would be going into the hospital with all the machines and then being taken back. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am, and yes he did have to be NPO (no food or drink after 11pm the night before). We checked in and the nurses pulled him around for a bit in a wagon. The surgery last about 30 minutes. When they woke him up, he was not having it. He just wanted to be held and the nurse actually encouraged me to climb in the bed with him. He immediately relaxed and he spent the rest of recovery in my arms.

After Surgery

Overall, Beckham did incredibly well! The days after were a bit interesting. The day of he was his normal self minus the 5 bowls of ice cream he ate. The next 3 days, he was very blah. I gave him pain meds around the clock every 4 hours for the first 48 hours, and after that was just as needed. He barely ate anything. Sometimes ice cream or popsicles, but not much of anything. Finally when we were 5 days out he started to get back to his normal happy, active self. His scabs supposedly fell off around day 7-10, but we didn’t have much change. I sent him back to school on day 4 so it was a very quick recovery.

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help!

xo, kaylee

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