Winter Getaway in Island Park, Idaho

To ring in 2022 (Happy New Year!), my man and I took off on a winter getaway to Island Park, Idaho. An 1 1/2 hour drive to be completely transported into a winter wonderland. Growing up, I have been to Island Park many times, but never in the winter. It is a completely different world with the change of season. Everything looks so different and completely breathtaking with the trees completely covered in snow. Almost everything is snowmobile access only. There are groomed trails everywhere to ride on. To make it even more dreamy is the wildlife. Over the course of the weekend, we saw 9 moose.

View from the cabin
Moose friends in the water behind our hotel

New Year’s Eve we were lucky enough to stay at a family friends cabin. New Year’s Day we stayed at the new Springhill Marriott at Mack’s Inn. It was a beautiful hotel and I highly recommend staying there if you don’t rent a cabin. The rooms are quite large and there is a continental breakfast. Also, a pool and outdoor hot tub. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is sit in a hot tub outside. Even if my hair freezes and you borderline get frost bite getting in and out, it is totally worth it! Thankfully we had our own snow machines, but there are places to rent in Island Park.

Now for what I wore. It was -22 on New Year’s Day when we went riding so layers were my best friend. I needed a new outfit, because my coat I had since high school and snow pants were way too big. Perfect excuse to go shopping! You can shop my outfit at the end of this post or on my LiketoKnowit.

Have any other questions or looking to travel here soon, let me know!

xo, kaylee

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