Beckham’s Big 1 Surfer Birthday Party

It only took me a month, but today I am finally sharing Beckham’s Big 1 Surfer Birthday Party. I can’t believe I already have a 1 year old. Let me tell you, there were many tears shed leading up to and after his special day. I love planning events and parties, so this was an easy task for me to complete on my own. I kept things pretty simple. The party was in my mom’s backyard and I invited our closest family and friends to attend. I made all the food (recipes coming soon), stressed myself out by not asking for help earlier in the day, and the cake smash was more like spread our fingers in the frosting. Seriously, Beckham didn’t eat a single bite of cake. But, oh well! He was super happy and had a blast playing with the balloons. Below is all the details on his special day.


I ordered these adorable invitations from Etsy. They were a digital download and I just paid to print them out at my local Walgreens. I was hesitant to even do invites, but I am so glad I did as a special keepsake. This same Etsy shop had options for posters and thank you cards that match.


I ordered everything from Etsy. This balloon arch was a kit and you choose the length and if you wanted a balloon pump or not. I opted for one and I am so glad I did, because it made the process of putting it together super fast. It was fairly easy to put together and a month later, I still have the arch and it still looks pretty decent. Highly recommend ordering from Moda Deco.

The plates, napkins and cups are from Fire and Creme Kids. I was obsessed when I first found these. Super sturdy and great quality. I love how simple the design is, but adds a fun detail to the party. The silverware are bamboo and from Zurchers, which you can get at different party stores or Amazon.

These adorable cupcake toppers are from Poppy Jack Shop. They are one of my favorite shops on Etsy when I am looking for extra details to add to a party. They have everything!! Super nice quality. We actually hand washed the cupcake toppers and put them in a bag to use again later.

The surfboards, I made from scratch with the assistance of my grandpa. It was actually a super fun project to work on together and I love how they turned out! They were fairly easy to make and will definitely be using them for room decor in the future. Full tutorial coming soon on how I made them.


I decided to be ambitious and make all the food including Beckham’s cake. Since it was a surfer themed party, I went with hawaiian themed food. Bbq chicken sliders, coconut cilantro lime rice, and fruit salad. We also had a ton of fresh fruit and veggies. All the food was delicious and super easy to make for a bigger group of people. I made Beckham’s cake a mini 2 tier funfetti cake with blue & white frosting to look like water and a bunch of funfetti cupcakes for our guests.

I think this about covers everything. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below.

xo, kaylee

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