Dear Expecting Mama’s

Kaylee Melanese - Maternity Photo - A Letter to Expecting Mama's

While I was pregnant, I spent countless hours reading all the books and researching all the tips & tricks on how to be the best mom I could possibly be. Now, I am 1 year into this incredible journey and wanted to send a note to all the expecting mama’s out there who are just as nervous, curious, and excited as I was.

Dear Expecting Mama’s

Soon your whole world will change. You will hold your tiny human and be so overwhelmed with love, exhaustion and joy. Everyday will be different. You will begin to think you are getting the hang of things, but then your baby hits a new leap and you will start all over. Your body will be & feel different than it ever has before. And it’s all okay.

Gift yourself some grace during this time. You will be in a newborn haze. There will be lots of sleepless nights. You will be healing from labor & delivery. Falling in love over and over with yourself, your baby, your partner & your family. You will gain confidence in your new role and adjusting to your new norm.

Everyone will give you advice on how to parent, what you should do in certain situations and tell you how you should feel. Try to filter the chatter, and focus on what you feel is right for you and your baby. Always follow your gut instinct.

Motherhood can be very lonely and isolating at times. Your friends without babies or small children may not include you in activities like they did before. They may make the assumption you aren’t available. Be open with your partner or spouse about how you feel. Talk to friends and family as much as you can. Don’t feel guilty or like you are failing in anyway asking for help. There are plenty of moms out there who I know feel or have felt similar to you right now. You are never alone.

Your body may bounce right back and it may not. There is no pressure to get back to where you were. Enjoy this time with the new love of your life. You will start moving your body again when you are ready. There is no pressure.

Remember, you are beautiful, strong and courageous. You are loved. There is now a little angel that counts on you, and will love you for who you are. Most importantly, be present and enjoy this time, because it passes by faster than you realize.

With love,

xo, kaylee

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