What I Have Learned From Year 1 Into My Masters Degree

As of this morning, #thismama is out of school for the summer and I am half way done with my master degree. When I decided to start this venture last fall, I knew I was making a huge commitment. Through stressful weeks, early mornings, late nights, doing homework with my mini helper, and help from my amazing village of people around me, I am halfway done! I am so excited for what’s to come career wise for me. I am truly building a life I am proud of and rebuilding myself again. I wanted to share with you all a few things I learned from year 1.

1. Time Management/ Flexibility

I have always been pretty good about time management, but adding in school took things to a whole other level. Most days for me would start at 3:45 or 4am to do homework before clocking into work. Some days would consist of me adjusting my work schedule to be able to finish homework or staying up super late to finish up assignments. It was all about being flexible and not allowing myself to be frustrated if my plans for homework that day didn’t go as planned. First and foremost I am a mom and Beckham needed me more some days. Homework could wait. This actually taught me a valuable lesson in just going with the flow more. Everything doesn’t need to be so structured all the time.

2. Patience

Much like time management and being flexible, patience is needed when balancing so many different things. I try to be present in whatever I am doing at that moment. I knew I would get everything done, because as moms that is what we do and we always figure it out.

3. More Than Mom

Probably the biggest realization I had during my first year of grad school is that I am more than just a mom. I am going back to school to further my career, but also continue building a life for my son and I. I am rebuilding myself after a really rough few years. I am working while doing all the things and my son is with me the entire time. We shouldn’t lose our identity when we become moms. We should be inspired to grow into our true potential of who we are meant to be.

You can read more about the behind the scenes of being a working mom going to school here.

xo, kaylee

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