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I am a medical coder, single mama and your motivator for all the things. I have always had a passion for fashion, wellness, interior design and creating new things. The past few years I have felt a tremendous pull to conquer my goals. Welcome to my little dream on the internet. I am so excited for you to be here and be on this journey together! 

your go to girl for all things wellness, fashion, life, and motherhood.

Meet Kaylee

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It’s official, Masters Degree Completed while working full-time, single mom, and with a 4.0! I thought I would share a little recap of the last two years and all my thoughts surrounding this adventure. Late summer of 2021, I decided that I needed to go back to school to be able to do more in […]

Masters Degree Completed


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As of yesterday, I have a new smile. Braces came off just in time for graduation. Today, I am going to be giving my full review and chatting about my experience with adult braces. Let’s start by saying that adult braces are not fun. Eating is such a pain when you have to pick every […]

I Have a New Smile


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Do you feel like you have lost your identify after becoming a mom or after a traumatic experience? I didn’t realize I did until I left my marriage and gained some clarity, how far I had strayed from who I was to my core. I was now divorced, a full-time working mom, living with my […]

Losing Your Identity After Motherhood or Trauma


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Today, I say bye bye to medical coding from home. It’s crazy to look back over the last 3 years of this journey. Starting to study when I was pregnant and a few months after with a sleepy newborn on my chest. The night I took my test was the first time Beckham ever took […]

Bye Bye Medical Coding


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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I got the big girl job promotion. That’s right, this mama is the new supervisor for Community Care clinic in my hometown. It is so exciting to have the job that I am getting my degree in. I have applied to so many jobs in the past year. Trying to put myself out […]

I Got the Big Girl Job Promotion


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