My 2021 Gift Guide for Parents/ In-Laws

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  1. Adventure: One of my all time favorite gifts to give for Christmas, the adventure gift. Plan a trip or excursion with your family. Something to look forward too and plan together.
  2. Coffee Mug Warmer: The perfect accessory for a desk or table to ensure your coffee stays warm.
  3. Games: Something to do together as a family. I grew up playing games everytime we went to my grandparents house. So many laughs and memories surrounding the table with everyone.
  4. Photo Books: The most meaningful gift to give family members. I am making one right now for my grandparents with pictures of the grandkids and great grandkids. My grandma always gets so excited about these types of gifts every year.
  5. Pot and Pan Set: Not your average gift idea for family members, but could be nice if they are in need of an upgrade. What a perfect time for something new than for Christmas.

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xo, kaylee

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