My 2021 Gift Guide for the Home Body

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  1. Just Feed Me Cookbook: Jessie James Decker is an amazing cook and these recipes are all AMAZING!! The breakfast sliders and my absolute favorite.
  2. Bluetooth Speaker: Everyone needs to turn up the music and dance around their house. Also, something it is nice to have music playing in the background.
  3. Hotel Lobby Candle: The most luxurious candle you will ever own. Smells amazing and is a pretty large candle. They also just released a holiday collection that I am dying to try.
  4. Nespresso: My sister has one of these and I am so jealous! Truly the best coffee machine you can have.
  5. Wine Glasses: Invest in nice wine glasses for entertaining or just simply indulging in a lovely beverage while cooking or just hanging out around the house. Sometimes I put sparkling water in pretty glassware to feel fancy.
  6. Comfy Pjs: MasonGrey LA is by far the best place to get pajamas. Like butter material on your skin. You won’t want to wear anything else to sleep in after you try these.
  7. Pebble Ice Maker: I don’t know why pebble ice is so amazing, but it just is. Why not have your own ice maker?!

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xo, kaylee

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